The Integration of Social Sciences and Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship is actually a highly multidisciplinary discipline that advantages from the integration of different disciplines. The field of social entrepreneurship is no exception. In accordance to Gregory Dees, “the social entrepreneurship is a new form of entrepreneurship that seeks to create a positive impact in society simply by integrating new development with the organization model” (Worsham 2012). Hence, it is essential that universities integrate social savoir and entrepreneurship education in order to foster the expansion of social entrepreneurs and address the challenges posed by this sensation.

One of the main qualities of this trend is the fact that this involves a really strong willingness to improve and change. This development can be aimed towards enhancing or changing an existing services or products, or it’s rather a totally new invention. Entrepreneurs would like to take dangers and can endure failure because they want to achieve success (Worsham 2012).

In many cases, the goal of social entrepreneurship is to increase the quality of life of men and women in many communities. This can be achieved through the creation of an company providing you with goods and services that meet true needs. Creating these companies contains multiple benefits: it minimizes unemployment, and it helps to produce new solutions that allow for the development of more efficient methods of creation and circulation.

In addition , entrepreneurship permits individuals to manner a career that aligns with their values and beliefs, just like caring for the planet or assisting others. In addition, it increases task satisfaction, since entrepreneurs find work for themselves and can direct their own fate. However , it is important to note that form of career could be stressful as it lacks the protection net of the guaranteed pay.


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