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aktiengesellschaft pronunciation
aktiengesellschaft pronunciation

Providing a response to the user in a same natural language as recognized in step . It is apparent as well that the NLQS of the present invention is very natural and saves much time for the user and the e-commerce operator as well. In an e-support embodiment, the customer can retrieve information quickly and efficiently, and without need for a live customer agent. For example, at a consumer computer system vendor related support site, a simple diagnostic page might be presented for the user, along with a visible support character to assist him/her.

Thus the advertisement before acceptance does not in any manner mean that the Registrar has waived his objections. The Plaintiff has also distinguished the judgments cited on behalf of the Defendant. The Plaintiff submitted that the Notice of Motion be allowed as prayed. 9.2 Relying on the observations made by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of Cadila Health Care Ltd. , it is pointed out on behalf of the Plaintiff that both medicinal preparations/products deal with gynaecological issues.

Vs. Neon Laboratories Ltd. that the effect of a prefix would have to be decided depending on the nature of a product and the nature of the prefix. Despite the addition of a prefix, the Court held the marks ‘Tocillin’ to be deceptively similar to the mark ‘Celin’. The Plaintiff has denied and disputed the aforestated contentions of the Defendant and has submitted that applying the aforesaid test and considering the Defendant’s mark as a whole, it is apparent that the Defendant’s mark is deceptively similar to the Plaintiff’s mark. From a look at the aforestated rival marks which are placed side by side, it is clear that both the marks are similar, visually and structurally.

aktiengesellschaft pronunciation

The main ground on which the injunction is sought for by the appeal is that both the names, viz., ‘ENERJEX’ and ‘ENERJASE’ are phonetically similar and as such, the products of the respondent are likely to pass off as that of the appellant’s goods. On the other hand, the counsel for the respondent submitted that the product of the appellant and the respondent are totally different and that, there is no visual and phonetic similarity. A German company registered the sound ‘Allianz Aktiengesellschaft’ as a sound mark in India.

Twin towns – sister cities

In a preferred embodiment, the MS Agent is configured to have an appearance and capabilities that are appropriate for the particular application. For instance, in a remote learning application, the agent has the visual form and mannerisms/attitude/gestures of a college professor. Other visual props (blackboard, textbook, etc.) may be used by the agent and presented to the user to bring to mind the experience of being in an actual educational environment. The characteristics of the agent may be configured at the client side 150, and/or as part of code executed by a browser program in response to configuration data and commands from a particular web page. For example, a particular website offering medical services may prefer to use a visual image of a doctor.

How do you pronounce Jag Är?

‘Jag är’ is /jɑː e:/ or /jɑː ɛ:/. The G is silent in all but very emphasized uses of the word.

The method of claim 1, wherein a plurality of Hidden Markov Models are used to recognize said speech utterance and said natural language of said speech utterance such that the system supports multiple natural languages. The method of claim 2, wherein said interactive electronic agent further provides audible confirmation of selections made by the user. The method of claim 2, wherein said interactive electronic agent further provides one or more specific suggested queries to the user. 8, phrase analysis 800 is the next step that is performed after tokenization. Tokens 803 are assigned to parts of a speech tag by a tagger routine 804, and a grouper routine 806 recognizes groups of words as phrases of a certain syntactic type. These syntactic types include for example the noun phrases mentioned earlier, but could include other types if desired such as verb phrases and adjective phrases.

The Science of Pronunciation: Understanding the Mechanics of Speech

These selected options are based on the context experienced by the user during an interactive process, and thus help to limit and define the scope—i.e. Grammars and dictionaries that will be dynamically loaded to speech recognition engine 182 (FIG. 1) for Viterbi decoding during processing of the user speech utterance. For speech recognition to be optimized both grammar and dictionary files are used in a preferred embodiment. A Grammar file supplies the universe of available user queries; i.e., all the possible words that are to be recognized.

aktiengesellschaft pronunciation

The second code block 602 implements the initialization of Speech Recognition engine 182 (FIG. 1). The MFCC vectors received from client side system 150 along with the grammar filename and the dictionary file names are introduced to this block to initialize the speech decoder. The Full-Text Query component of the SQL database accept a full-text predicate or rowset-valued function from the SQL Server; transform parts of the predicate into an internal format, and sends it to Search Service, which returns the matches in a rowset. SQL Server uses this information to create the resultset that is then returned to the submitter of the query. 52′ and ‘LIV-T’ contain a common feature ‘Liv’ which is not only descriptive but also public juris; a customer will tend to ignore the common feature and will pay more attention to uncommon features i.e., ’52’ and ‘T’. The two do not have such phonetic similarity as to make it objectionable.

Related Parent Applications (

It will also be apparent to those skilled in the art that many aspects of the present discussion have been simplified to give appropriate weight and focus to the more germane aspects of the present invention. The microcode and software routines executed to effectuate the inventive methods may be embodied in various forms, including in a permanent magnetic media, a non-volatile ROM, a CD-ROM, or any other suitable machine-readable format. Accordingly, it is intended that the all such alterations and modifications be included within the scope and spirit of the invention as defined by the following claims.

Further, the Hon’ble Madras High Court merely stated that there were other products in the market. The law as set out hereinabove is not merely to show presence in the market but to establish extensive sales. In any case, the observations of the Hon’ble Madras High Court are that there are products beginning with the word « NOVA » and not « NOVA » as a suffix. As submitted by the Plaintiff, the two situations are not at all comparable and certainly do aktiengesellschaft pronunciation not enable the customers to discern the differences between the rival marks in the present case. At Exhibit ‘K’ on page 276 of the affidavit in reply, the Defendant has produced a certificate from ORG IMS Research Private Limited, to furnish the sales figures of certain pharmaceutical products with « NOVA » as a prefix /suffix. The said certificate furnishes sales figures of October 2009 much after the date when the cause of action arose in 2006.

Even the boosters which he manufacturers and sells are of two types, viz., transistoriesed boosters and integrated circuit boosters whereas the respondent-plaintiff manufactures aerial boosters only of the first type. Thus micro-chip technology being the base of many of the products, the word ‘micro’ has much relevance in describing the products. Further, the word ‘micro’ being descriptive of the micro technology used for production of many electronic goods which daily come to the market, no one can claim monopoly over the use of the said word.

  • « Global patent litigation dataset” by Darts-ip is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  • This enterprise is later joined by other commercial enterprises and helped Pforzheim to become an important manufacturing city.
  • Encode MFCC Byte Stream 251—this part of the code encodes the MFCC vectors, so that they can be sent to the server via HTTP.

The key values corresponding to those tables are stored as Full-Text catalogs 1013. So when processing a full-text search, the search engine returns to the SQL Server the key values of the rows that match the search criteria. The relational engine then uses this information to respond to the query. Construction of an SQL Query used as part of the user query processing is illustrated in FIG.

an Unconventional Trademark

Once the user’s speech is recognized, the flow of SRE 182 passes to Un-initialize SRE routine 604 where the speech engine is un-initialized as illustrated. In this block all the objects created in the initialization block are deleted by routine 604 a, and memory allocated in the initialization block during the initialization phase are removed by routine 604 b. The above then constitutes the entire sequence required to initialize the MS Agent. As with the SRE routines, the MS Agent routines can be implemented in any suitable and conventional fashion by those skilled in the art based on the present teachings.

Under Section 11 of the Act, a mark the use of which would be likely to deceive or cause confusion is prohibited from being registered. Under Section 2 of the Act, a mark shall be deemed to be deceptively similar to another mark if it so nearly resembles that other marks as to be likely to deceive or cause confusion. After having considered the submissions made by the counsel for the parties in the light of the respective pleadings, the learned single Judge dismissed the applications holding that the appellant/ plaintiff did not make out a prima facie case of infringement and. A sound mark can be registered by submitting a sound clip that includes musical notations and is completely original as per the Rule 26.

While this is very advantageous it is also extremely costly and inefficient, because a real person must be employed to handle such queries. This presents a practical limit that results in long wait times for responses or high labor overheads. In general, a service presented over the WWW is far more desirable if it is “scalable,” or, in other words, able to handle an increasing amount of user traffic with little if any perceived delay or troubles by a prospective user.

The reason given by the learned Judge is that the person who may buy the medicine such as nurses, compounders and other laymen in charge of the hospital and similar institutions are mostly Indians and that their pronunciations of the English words are not likely to be perfect and proper. It may be stated here that this medicine can be dispensed only on the prescription of the doctors. According to the learned Judge, the customers are not likely to hail only from the group of literate persons well versed in English language. The learned Judge expressed the view that orders for the preparation of the drug ‘asmac’ are placed over the telephone and are indistinctly heard over and that written prescriptions are misspelt or badly written. He felt that nurses, compounders and lay people incharge of the hospital and similar institutions may place orders orally or across the counter or over the phone, which may lead to some confusion.

3, the Receive User Speech routine 240 consists of a SRE 241 and a Communication 242 process, both implemented again as routines on the client side system 150 for receiving and partially processing the user’s utterance. SRE routine 241 uses a coder 248 which is prepared so that a coder object receives speech data from a source object. This part of the code initiates data retrieval using the source Object which will in turn be given to the Coder object. Next, MFCC vectors 250 are extracted from the Speech utterance continuously until silence is detected. As alluded to earlier, this represents the first phase of processing of the input speech signal, and in a preferred embodiment, it is intentionally restricted to merely computing the MFCC vectors for the reasons already expressed above.

However, the said decisions would be of no assistance to the Defendant. Each of the said judgments pertain to cases where the marks were derived from a generic drug. It was in this context held that a party cannot have a monopoly over a portion of name which was derived from a generic drug.

How do you pronounce Jag Är?

‘Jag är’ is /jɑː e:/ or /jɑː ɛ:/. The G is silent in all but very emphasized uses of the word.


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