How Does a Board Member Work in Nonprofit Governance?

Board members are crucial trustees of charitable non-profits. As volunteers they are required to give their expertise and time to the cause without payment. In this way, they’re similar to the captains of the crow’s Nest who oversee the organization and ensure the management team is acting ethically and in compliance with the Bylaws and mission. They also advocate on behalf of the organization by promoting the cause in their professional and personal networks and encouraging others to join the cause.

Meeting management

No matter the type of board, the primary function of an individual on the board is to participate in regular meetings and provide oversight and foresight of the company’s goals as well as initiatives. This typically involves discussing strategic issues, setting targets that are measurable and developing a strategy for the organization to reach these objectives. This is a crucial part of the governance board’s responsibility.

Involvement on committees

It is advisable for board members to sit on at least one of the committees, as it allows them to get to know the organization better and appoint a director to develop specific skills. It also helps the board to be able to mix its expertise, so that it can make informed decisions for the business.

It is essential that board members should be ready for meetings and attend the meetings in person or online. They should also check the agenda prior to time and actively participate during discussions, as they are a vital part of their job. They must also take notes and record the votes. These tasks can be made easier with a boardroom software solution which has outstanding features such as simplified meetings, engagement analytics and unidirectional file sharing.


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