Filipino Wedding Customs

Philippine wedding traditions can be a beautiful blend of modern and historic traditions. They’re rooted in Filipino culture pretty philippines girl but have been influenced simply by other ethnicities, which includes Spanish colonialism, Christianity, and Islamic practices.

Wedding Preparations: Bayanihan

A day before the big event, Filipinos perform a series of traditions that entail their families and friends helping prepare the reception area, food, and the place itself. Frequently , these formulations are centered around the concept of bayanihan, which is a Philippine philosophy of performing small acts of kindness to get the community.

Rice Showers: Traditionally, Filipino couples get their wedding party guests showering them in rice to signify their particular good fortune. This could be achieved at the church exit or perhaps upon arrival at the couple’s home.

Veil Wedding: Secondary benefactors will ornament a large veil over the star of the wedding and groom’s head, symbolizing their unification and faithfulness to each other. They may also place cords around the necks of the wedding couple, which symbolize their everlasting fidelity with each other.

Arrhae or Coin Feast day: A traditional Philippine practice originated from Spanish-Catholic culture and involves the bride-to-be receiving a baskets of gold and silver coins from the bridegroom as part of her bridal product. This tradition symbolically congratulates the couple and supplies them with cash for their fresh lives in concert.

Cash Dance: That is another Filipino tradition that you’re less likely to find anywhere else. During the first move, guests should pin a number of coins and bills onto the couple’s attire like a gesture of good fortune and to bring them cash.


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